Friday, November 8, 2013

The Capitol Christmas Tree - From Washington State to Washington, DC with Love!

2013 US Capitol Christmas Tree

Every year a Christmas Tree cut from a National Forest is displayed at the Capitol Mall in Washington, DC.  This year the Colville National Forest in Eastern Washington State was selected for the honor.  The tree was cut on November 1st near the town of Newport, WA and is making stops around the country on its way to the "other Washington".  Today it made a stop in Everett and we went to take a look at the 88 foot tall Englemann Spruce that will be our national Christmas Tree.

Since this was an outdoor event, it was a dog-friendly adventure so Hank and Tim came with me and posed in front of the truck.

The semi pulling the load is a Mack that has been beautifully painted with a winter scene of Washington DC and the Mack truck mascot bulldog pulling a Christmas Tree.

The tree is enclosed inside the trailer, covered with tarps, with some clear vinyl panels that look like window panes for viewing the tree which is covered with lights and decorations made by people in Washington State.

Santa was there!

We met Smokey the Bear.......

and Woodsy Owl, too!

This afternoon the tree makes a stop in Olympia - the Washington State Capitol,  and then will make its way across the country making stops in numerous communities along the way and will arrive in Washington DC by Thanksgiving.  

The tree arrived in Washington, DC and the lighting ceremony was on December 3rd.  Watch on this video:

View of the National Christmas Tree Standing Before the Capitol
View of the...
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