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To RV or Not to RV?

We spent almost a year living in our RV full time while between permanent homes.  We learned a lot from our experiences and one of the things we learned is that full time RV living was not really a good fit for us, at least not at this point in our lives.   We both have hobbies that we can more easily enjoy with a permanent and larger space - gardening, cooking, woodworking and DYI projects being just a few examples.

 We still want to use our RV to do some camping and traveling and have some plans in the works for some extended trips, so we continue to be interested in RVing!

I am placing links to all of my posts about RV living, camping and RV trips on this page to make them easy for other RVers to find.  I hope that others may find our experiences helpful!

Links to my RV Posts:

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