Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Seattle Sheraton Gingerbread Village 2014

A Gingerbread City of Seattle at the Seattle Sheraton Gingerbread Village

One of my favorite holiday activities is to take a trip to visit the fantastic gingerbread creations at the annual Seattle Sheraton Gingerbread Village.  The final products of the collaboration of architects and chefs never fails to amaze me.  As the photo above illustrates, they don't just make a gingerbread house - sometimes they make a gingerbread city.  Below are more photos.

Detail of an Edible Ferris Wheel at the 2014 Seattle Sheraton Gingerbread Village

Another View of a Gingerbread "house" at the Seattle Sheraton Gingerbread Village
Viewing the gingerbread village is a great event for the entire family and it is FREE, although a donation to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation is appreciated.  

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Celebrating the Superbowl Champion Seahawks - Seattle Style

Lobardi Trophy carried through the streets of Seattle
I was part of the crowd of  the estimated up to 1 million people who cheered the Superbowl Champion Seahawks as they carried the Lombardi trophy from the Seattle Center through the streets of Seattle to C-link stadium. No words will adequately describe what it was like, so I'll mostly let the pictures tell the story.

The crowd gathers and is packed in from street to the edge of the buildings
One of many interesting characters dressed in Seahawks colors for the occasion
Because of the heavy traffic, the Seahawks arrived approximately 30 minutes late to the parade starting point at the Seattle Center, but there were plenty of entertaining characters to see as we waited.
Seattle Mounted Police
It finally began with the Seattle motorcycle officers clearing the streets, followed by the Seattle Mounted Police.  Then came Blue Thunder.  Unfortunately there were too many people in front of me to get a photo.

Then came the Seahawks bus, followed by several other buses which carried the Seahawks from their headquarters in Renton, WA to the parade in Seattle and would take them back at the conclusion of the ceremonies at C-link.  Next came several cars of local dignitaries and politicians which we didn't bother to photograph.

Seahawk Marshawn Lynch throwing Skittles to the crowd
And then there was Marshawn Lynch leading off the players everyone was waiting to see.  He rode on the hood of one of the Seattle Ducks throwing Skittles to the crowd.

The Sea Gals were riding in a duck.

Sea Gals

Seahawks General Manager John Schneider

Seahawks GM John Schneider

Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll

Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll

And Humvees full of players identified by position
Russell Wilson and the rest of the Seahawks Quarterbacks

Seahawks Tight Ends
Seahawks Offensive Line Players

Seahawks Defensive Line

Seahawks Tight Ends

Seahawks Wide Receivers

Seahawks Running Backs

Seahawks Special Teams Players

Seahawks Linebackers
And ending with the Seahawks Legion of Boom - LOB

Seahawks LOB

Friday, January 17, 2014

Seattle - Holding our Breath and Turning Blue!

It should probably come as no surprise that Seahawks fever has hit the Seattle area hard.  Football fans are all holding their breath in anticipation of the big game on Sunday against the San Franciso 49ers and have turned the city blue!  Everywhere you look you will see people showing their support of the team with 12th man flags !

In apartment windows:

On houses:

On top of construction cranes....

In the windows of local businesses:

On their cars...


 On flag poles in front of buildings on the ground....

Or up high in the sky.......

Including on top of the Space Needle....

And a sea of blue Seahawks gear worn from head to toe by fans on
 this Blue Friday before the big game...

(Photo Credit: Dan Neff on Flickr - Creative Commons 2.0 License)


On their Coffee Mugs

Seattle 12 Football Fan Mug
Seattle 12 Football Fan Mug by VickiSims
Find more Seattle football fan Mugs at Zazzle

And even on their dogs:

We're all waiting to exhale on Sunday afternoon where it will all happen here at C-Link...