Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Visit to the Seattle Aquarium

The old warehouse building on pier 59 on the Seattle waterfront may look rather plain, but step inside and discover the colorful, amazing undersea world of the Seattle Aquarium.  I hadn't visited for several years and this visit was prompted by my desire to see the new baby sea otter before she was all grown up.  Who doesn't love the adorable sea otters?

 I loved watching the sea otters, but I had forgotten how interesting and fun it is to explore the entire aquarium.   The Seattle Aquarium features the marine life of Puget Sound like the Giant Pacific Octopus, jellyfish, tide pool creatures, shore birds and fish, but also has a beautiful coral reef section.

For more details and photos from my visit to the Seattle Aquarium, check out my page on Squidoo called Discover the Seattle Aquarium.

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