Wednesday, October 7, 2015

An Alaska Cruise Adventure - At Sea

Day 2 - At Sea

Cruising Alaska - At Sea

I must admit that the "at sea" days on a cruise are not my favorites.  What I enjoy most about cruising is having the opportunity to explore a new place every day without figuring out transportation, finding a place to stay each night, unpacking, packing and dragging around luggage.  The nice thing about this cruise to Alaska is that we only had one "at sea" day the day after we left Seattle.  The scenery we passed was gorgeous and we were able to spot a few dolphins and whales. This one day "at sea" gave us time to explore the ship, participate in some shipboard activities and spend time with the family and friends in our group.

Westerdam Promeade Deck Laps

After gulping down a cup of coffee from the buffet, I located the Promenade deck where I could walk laps for my morning walk.  A handy sign provided the information about the distance so I started each day with six laps to get in at least two miles of walking every day.

A small boat drops off a pilot on the Westerdam

While doing my laps I watched for wildlife and saw a  pilot embarking the ship.  The Pacific Coast can be treacherous and the environment supports the important seafood industry, so to avoid oil spills many of the areas require a local pilot to board and steer the ship.  While these transfers occur, the ship slows, but never stops as a small boat comes along side to drop off or pick-up a pilot.

Stateroom with window on the Westerdam
We stopped by the stateroom of one of our relatives who opted to get a standard stateroom with a window instead of a balcony stateroom.

Ping Pong Tables on the Westerdam

We spent most of the rest of our day around the pool, but also watched Dancing with the Stars at Sea played some ping pong and explored the rest of the ship .

Westerdam Deck 2 Dining Room
Our group had our own table in the dining room and were pampered by the friendly, attentive wait staff.

Evening Entertainment on the Westerdam
We ended our day by watching the evening show featuring the ship's regular entertainers.

And when we arrived back in our room we found a towel critter on the bed.

The next installment will be about our first port of call -  Juneau.